Students graduating from Natrona County Schools are leaving with more than just a diploma. Our graduates will also acquire skills in seven distinct areas that were identified and developed by Casper community members and NCSD staff members. This group deemed the following as successful traits for people after high school.

Independent Lifelong Learning

Students constantly look for new knowledge and experiences to expand their current expertise with an open mind and to benefit from learning opportunities.  They continually seek learning experiences and opportunities to improve their knowledge and skill levels.  Students are curious about people, places, important topics, as to expand their knowledge.  Students continue to relate learning to their lives making connections with lives challenges, opportunities, and situations that have occurred.  Students can learn through a variety of modalities, analyze information, and synthesize data into meaningful solutions and information. Students are open to sharing with others and teaching others as to deepen and enhance their own learning.


Digital Age Literacy

Students demonstrate a thorough understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Students can apply digital tools to gather and evaluate information, effectively communicating and collaborating through digital media.  Student can use technology to research, manage projects, solve problems, and can make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources to produce innovative products.  Students understand the legal and ethical uses in a digital and global society.


Inventive Thinking

Students will be able to demonstrate capacity to analyze and combine existing ideas, methods, and experiences in an original way. Students will be able to demonstrate a high degree of innovation, divergent thinking, and risk taking, exhibiting habits of mind that comprehensively explore the complexities of issues, resources, and events before accepting, formulating an opinion, or drawing a conclusion. Students will be able to apply their curiosity and originality to problem-solve and create new information that crosses existing boundaries


Effective Communication

Students will effectively speak and write for purpose of expressing their learnings, understandings, thoughts and cognitive frame of the world. Students are aware of their intended audiences and modify their communications accordingly. Students incorporate multi-media technologies into their communications to enhance and broaden their message. In addition, students are able to communicate effectively during informal situations, collaborative and teaming situations, and during formal situations. Students can demonstrate interpersonal skills such as listening, questioning and encouragement to effectively communicate.


High Productivity

Students set clear goals, prioritize, and work persistently to complete tasks in a timely manner.  Students can work individually and also collaboratively with peers to find creative and cutting edge solutions. Students demonstrate their passion and resilience by remaining focused and dedicated, permitting them to accomplish the task at hand.  Their work supports the essential vision, and they hold themselves and the team accountable for the timely and successful completion of product or task.


Healthful Living

Students comprehend, analyze, and demonstrate the attitudes, knowledge and positive habits needed to be responsible for their physical and emotional health.  Students demonstrate the ability to use personal and social skills that are associated with taking responsible action for enhancing a promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Students are able to use interpersonal communication skills, to examine health related problems, and make decisions that enhance health and reduce or avoid health risks while promoting a healthful lifestyle.



Students seek opportunities to learn and interact constructively and responsibly with others of similar and diverse cultures, values and perspectives. Students develop the combination of knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make a difference in community. Students strive to contribute to the quality of life in the community, through both political and non-political processes.  Students actively participate in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community.