It is uncommon, yet incredibly exciting to have a school district and its teachers involved in curriculum development with the local business community.  I have been so impressed with the number of community members who have stepped forward to make a difference in the development of Natrona County graduates.  It is rare to see a school district recognize its own weaknesses and implement a program that completely changes the high school experience.  Yet, NCSD tackled this enormous project without fear, because they know it is the right thing to do.  In our company we live by The Jonah Bank Code and it is so exciting to see the entire district doing the same.  I can think of five codes off the top of my head that apply:

  • Live Each Day With Courage
  • Take Pride in Your Work
  • Always Finish What You Start
  • Do What Has to Be Done

Most importantly, “When You Make a Promise, Keep It.”  Our entire community is partnered together to keep our promise to the students of Natrona County…we are working to give them a valuable education; making them college ready and/or career ready at the time of graduation in order to become productive and positive citizens.  What more does it take to get excited?


Kim DeVore, Chief Financial Officer – Jonah Bank

As a member of the Advisory Board for the planning and development of the Natrona County Schools emerging Academy of Creative Arts, Communication and Design, I believe strongly that this academy and the others being formed will have both an immediate positive effect and a long term advancement of creative thinking, inventiveness, imaginative expression and expansive discovery for all who participate, both students and teachers.

Brooks Joyner, Executive Director – The Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center